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SEC Receiver Seeks to Deny Recovery to Many Medical Capital Investors


In connection with the Medical Capital receivership, the SEC Receiver recently filed its “Proposed Plan for Distribution” (the “Plan”). Unfortunately, the Plan contains some disturbing news for those investors who were pro-active and obtained recoveries against third-parties through litigation (including class actions) or arbitration.

Bank of America Must Deal with Exposure of $50-$100 Billion Associated with Toxic Mortgages Securities


Investors who bought toxic mortgage-backed bonds from Bank of America’s Countrywide, and homeowners seeking loan modifications are proposing drastic measures to better enable BofA to deal with the onslaught of their litigation without a bankruptcy or a receivership imposed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. According to a Reuters/ article entitled “Will Bank of America […]

Wells Fargo Settles Mortgage-Backed Securities Claims filed by Pension Funds


Wells Fargo & Co. has agreed to pay $125 million to a group of pension funds to settle a class action filed by various public pension funds that purchased billions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities believing their money was in AAA-backed investments, according to a Wall Street Journal article by David Benoit entitled “Wells Fargo […]

Goldman’s CDO Problems Continue


A Manhattan federal judge has consolidated securities class actions against Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and other affiliated persons (Goldman) and appointed three pension funds as co-lead plaintiffs in a lawsuit relating to a collateral debt obligation called Abacus, according to a Reuters article entitled “Pension funds to lead suit vs. Goldman over Abacus.” The class […]

SunTrust Sued For Alleged 401(k) Abuses


A suit filed in federal court in Atlanta by a former SunTrust Bank employee and 401(k) plan participant alleges that SunTrust violated federal retirement plan laws by selecting its own high-fee, poorly performing mutual funds for its 401(k) plan. See J. Scott Trubey’s article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution entitled “SunTrust faces suit over operation […]

Judge Rejects Securities America’s Attempts to Settle Class Actions Involving Medical Capital Notes and Provident Royalties Securities


A federal judge has refused to approve a proposed class action settlement between Securities America and a class of people who purchased hundreds of millions of fraudulent securities issued by Medical Capital and Provident Royalties, that were sold by Securities America. See Dan Levine’s and Joseph Giannone’s article in Reuters captioned, “Judge rejects settlement with […]

Broker/Dealer Capital Financial Attempts to Circumvent the Arbitration Process and the Bankruptcy Laws


In the current economic environment where banks and large financial institutions have received financial bailouts, cash strapped broker dealer Capital Financial Services, Inc. is seeking to get a legal bailout. Despite rules of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to the contrary and established judicial precedent favoring arbitration, Capital Financial, an independent broker dealer that sold […]

Proposed Changes to New York Law Would Make Wall Street More Accountable


Wall Street may face a wave of lawsuits under an expanded version of the Martin Act, New York’s securities anti-fraud statute, if the newly elected Governor of New York has his way, according to a Wall Street Journal Deal Journal blog entitled, “And the Next Mortal Threat to Wall Street Is’”.

Bondholders Sue Citigroup for Misrepresntations Regarding CDOs and Other Toxic Securities


A United States District Court judge has ruled that a class action may proceed against Citigroup and others for making an array of material misrepresentations and omissions in public offering materials associated with bonds purchased by the plaintiffs (Reuters, “Judge Rules Bondholders Can Pursue Citigroup Suit,” July 12, 2010).

Problems Involving Private Offerings Escalate


In response to recent concerns over high-risk private offerings such as Medical Capital and Provident Royalties, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued a Notice to Members (NTM-10-22) that reminds brokerage firms of their obligations to investigate private placements before allowing their representatives to sell those investment products. However, FINRA only regulates registered broker-dealers, […]