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Time Is Running Out On Credit Crisis Legal Claims


Many investors, both individuals and corporations, were misled by their brokers and harmed during the credit crisis. For various reasons, however, many such investors have not yet taken action to recover their losses. Some have delayed taking action in order to see whether the misconduct warranted legal action while others just put it off until […]

SunTrust Settles Auction Rate Securities Case with Regulators


Two subsidiaries of SunTrust Banks, SunTrust Robinson-Humphrey and SunTrust Investment Services have agreed to pay a combined total of $5 million to settle FINRA charges that they misled clients about the liquidity risks of auction rate securities, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal by J. Scott Trubey entitled “Regulator fines two units of […]

The Subprime Mortgage Mess: How the American Dream Turned into a Nightmare


Best-selling “Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led To Economic Armegeddon,” by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner, “calls out greedy guys behind mortgage mess,” according to a USA Today book review by Kathryn Caravan. See also “Home Truths,” by James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal. Both reviews provide examples of how the […]

Institutional Investors Are Filing Big Claims Against Financial Services Firms


Defense-minded institutions that have long remained on the sidelines when defrauded have finally woken up and are jumping on the plaintiff-recovery bandwagon as they seek to protect themselves against a variety of wrongdoing, according to Vanessa O’Connell’s Wall Street Journal article entitled “Company Lawyers Sniff Out Revenue.” These actions include waves of claims against Wall […]

SunTrust Offers $14.3 Million to Settle an Auction Rate Securities Case


A Virginia bankruptcy court is considering a proposed $14.3 million settlement to be paid by SunTrust Banks Inc. over its sale of auction rate securities to LandAmerica 1031 Exchange Service Inc. (“LES”), according to Hilary Russ’s Law360 article entitled “$14.3M Deal Ends LandAmerica, SunTrust ARS Dispute.”

SunTrust Sued For Alleged 401(k) Abuses


A suit filed in federal court in Atlanta by a former SunTrust Bank employee and 401(k) plan participant alleges that SunTrust violated federal retirement plan laws by selecting its own high-fee, poorly performing mutual funds for its 401(k) plan. See J. Scott Trubey’s article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution entitled “SunTrust faces suit over operation […]

Are Brokerage Firms Really the Trusted Financial Advisers that Their Advertisements Claim that They Are?


Expecting licensed professionals who provide investment advice to act in their clients’ best interests “should be a basic tenet of the business,” but brokerage firms and their brokers don’t want that fiduciary yoke, says Karen Blumenthal in her InvestmentNews article, “When Your Adviser Can’t Be Trusted.” Moreover, they don’t want the public to know that […]

Victims of Investment Malpractice or Other Financial Misconduct During the Recent Financial Crisis May Be on the Verge of Losing Legal Rights


If you are an investor who lost money in the financial crisis, your stockbroker or investment advisor may owe you money. There are a variety of legal claims that can be brought for investment malpractice, ranging from fraud and misrepresentation to making unsuitable investment recommendations. But there are also legal deadlines for bringing such claims, […]

Wall Street Whistleblower Program Already Paying Off


The new whistleblower program that pays big cash rewards for tips about investment fraud has already resulted in a large number of high quality tips to the SEC, according to a news story this week on CNBC. According to the report, the SEC expects to receive 30,000 tips this year?just one year after the program […]

Are Wall Street Banks Concealing Their True Exposure to Mortgage Securities Problems


Bank of America has agreed to pay $2.6 billion to settle charges that Countrywide (which BofA acquired) made material misrepresentations about home loans it sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to articles in the New York Times by Gretchen Morgenson (“$2.6 Billion to Cover Bad Loans: It’s a Start”) and by Steve […]