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The Games That Mutual Funds Play


OppenheimerFunds  Inc. has agreed to pay more than $35,000,000 to settle SEC charges that it  made misleading statements about two of its mutual funds during the credit crisis.  The payments include a penalty of $24,000,000, disgorgement of $9,879,706, and prejudgment interest of $1,487,190. According to the SEC, Oppenheimer used total return swaps (a type of […]

Oppenheimer Under Investigation For Overvaluing Private Equity Fund To Boost Sales


Oppenheimer and one of its units may have overstated the value of one of its private equity funds at a time when it was promoting the fund to investors in the fall of 2009. It represented that the fund had a 38 percent internal rate of return when it had actually produced a loss of […]

Are Brokerage Firms Really the Trusted Financial Advisers that Their Advertisements Claim that They Are?


Expecting licensed professionals who provide investment advice to act in their clients’ best interests “should be a basic tenet of the business,” but brokerage firms and their brokers don’t want that fiduciary yoke, says Karen Blumenthal in her InvestmentNews article, “When Your Adviser Can’t Be Trusted.” Moreover, they don’t want the public to know that […]

Victims of Investment Malpractice or Other Financial Misconduct During the Recent Financial Crisis May Be on the Verge of Losing Legal Rights


If you are an investor who lost money in the financial crisis, your stockbroker or investment advisor may owe you money. There are a variety of legal claims that can be brought for investment malpractice, ranging from fraud and misrepresentation to making unsuitable investment recommendations. But there are also legal deadlines for bringing such claims, […]

Wall Street Whistleblower Program Already Paying Off


The new whistleblower program that pays big cash rewards for tips about investment fraud has already resulted in a large number of high quality tips to the SEC, according to a news story this week on CNBC. According to the report, the SEC expects to receive 30,000 tips this year?just one year after the program […]

Large Investors Who Have Sustained Losses on Auction Rate Securities Investments Need to Take Action


While many investors who lost money when the auction rate securities market collapsed in 2008 have now been made whole by regulatory settlements and redemptions, others have not been as fortunate and are still holding on to illiquid securities. Because regulatory settlements focused on the worst offenders in the industry, not all firms that sold […]

Proposed Changes to New York Law Would Make Wall Street More Accountable


Wall Street may face a wave of lawsuits under an expanded version of the Martin Act, New York’s securities anti-fraud statute, if the newly elected Governor of New York has his way, according to a Wall Street Journal Deal Journal blog entitled, “And the Next Mortal Threat to Wall Street Is’”.

Many Auction Rate Securities Investors Remain Left Out in the Cold


$130 billion of retail and institutional investor money is still being held in auction rate securities over two years after the $330 billion auction rate market failed and froze, according to Daisy Maxey in her Wall Street Journal article, “Still Frozen After All These Years.” But just as the Paul Simon song modulates from gloom […]

Raymond James’ Auction Rate Securities Problems Mount


A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration panel has ordered Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and one of its registered representatives to pay $925,000 to a Texas couple who purchased $1.4 million of municipal auction rate securities issued by Jefferson County, Alabama, according to August 26th articles in InvestmentNews by Bruce Kelly (“Raymond James pays […]

Wall Street’s Sale of Toxic CDOs Undermines Education and Other Government Services


The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the sale of $200 million in collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) to several Wisconsin school districts, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article by Meena Thiruvengadam and Kelly Nolan (“SEC Investigates Failed CDOs Sold to Wisconsin Schools”). The schools have also filed a lawsuit alleging that the CDOs […]