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Proposed Changes to New York Law Would Make Wall Street More Accountable


Wall Street may face a wave of lawsuits under an expanded version of the Martin Act, New York’s securities anti-fraud statute, if the newly elected Governor of New York has his way, according to a Wall Street Journal Deal Journal blog entitled, “And the Next Mortal Threat to Wall Street Is’”.

Is Your Financial Adviser Acting in Your Best Interest?


Brokerage firms’ advertising portrays brokers as trusted members of the family, writes Tara Siegel Bernard in her New York Times article, “Trusted Adviser or Stock Pusher? Finance Bill May Not Settle It.” Anyone who has tried to hold a broker to a fiduciary standard of conduct, however, hears a very different response: “We are mere […]

It’s Official – Most Americans Despise Wall Street


According to a recent Bloomberg National Poll, more than 50% of Americans despise Wall Street and favor punishment of the bankers who caused the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The majority of poll participants — 56 percent — say big financial companies are more interested in enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary […]

Wall Street Trade Association Supports Fiduciary Standard


The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, an important Wall Street lobbying group, has decided to support the Obama administration’s proposal to hold brokers to the same standard as a fiduciary when they provide investment advice, according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal. While investors who sue their brokers have long argued, […]

Regulators Require Financial Firms to Provide More Public Disclosure Regarding Customer Complaints


On May 13, 2009, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) approved a rule change that requires brokers to disclose alleged sales practice violations made by a customer against a securities broker in the body of a civil lawsuit or arbitration claim, even if that broker is not named as a defendant or respondent. The […]

Wall Street Firms Expected to Face Doom and Gloom in the Months Ahead


There will be some scary times for Wall Street firms in the months ahead according to Business Week writers David Henry’s and Mathew Goldstein’s September 8, 2008 article “More Trash Than Cash.” The writers portray a scenario that could result in tremendous chaos for both Wall Street firms and the capital markets. Christopher Whalen of […]

Wachovia Joins Auction-Rate Securities Settlement Parade


Today the Securities & Exchange Commission and an auction-rate securities task force composed of various state regulators announced that they had entered into a tentative settlement with Wachovia which would require Wachovia to buy-back approximately $9 billion of auction-rate securities. This settlement is closely patterned after an earlier settlement entered into with UBS regarding its […]

Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Get in the Auction-Rate Securities Settlement Line


Today, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan announced that they were following the precedent set by UBS and Citigroup in order to settle part of their auction-rate securities problems. The tentative agreements which JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley have entered into with regulators which will require that the firms will repurchase all auction-rate securities that remain […]

More Auction-Rate Securities Regulatory Actions On The Horizon


The state auction-rate securities regulators task force continued to pursue financial institutions involved in the auction-rate securities market aggressively. To date, state regulators have subpoenaed approximately 30 financial institutions over their auction-rate securities practices and continue to pursue investigations with all firms that have yet to settle. The states have already tentatively settled auction-rate securities […]

More Auction-Rate Securities Settlements Ahead?


Today New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo urged JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wachovia Securities to take immediate steps to settle their auction-rate securities problems. According to reports, Cuomo’s office has sent a letter to each of these firms strongly suggesting that they enter into settlements with regulators resolving their auction-rate securities problems on […]