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Some Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse


Financial exploitation of the elderly is a serious and growing problem that has affected, and sometimes devastated, many lives. We hear most often about exploitation by scam artists who are, at least initially, strangers to the victim. What may come as a shock is the fact that exploitation by trusted family members and others close […]

A Focus on Eliminating Elder Financial Fraud


We can all help eliminate financial fraud of the elderly. The elderly are common victims of financial fraud. Family members should be alert to warning signs that may signal a problem. Warning signs may include failure to pay bills, unopened statements from brokerage accounts, statements from a brokerage account the family was previously unaware of, […]

Concerns Over Unauthorized Trading Increase


The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an alert warning firms about their supervisory obligations with regard to unauthorized trading by brokers and advisors in customers’ accounts. The SEC’s alert provides guidance to firms in preventing and detecting unauthorized trading. InvestmentNews calls the SEC’s alert a “scoundrel alert” (“Scoundrel alert: SEC warns firms about policing […]