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Financial Crimes – How Should We Deal With Them?


Has the government gone too far in ignoring financial criminal conduct? Is the United States operating under an unspoken policy to refrain from prosecuting large financial institutions even if they believe criminal laws were violated? Are the regulators afraid that doing so might damage the economy? Those questions were raised in a recent Wall Street […]

Aging of Population Raises the Bar for Advisers


The problems of elder financial abuse and loss of cognitive faculties due to aging are on a steep upward trend. The inability to manage money and make sound financial decisions is one of the earliest indications of Alzheimer’s disease.  Financial advisers should look out for clients who stop paying bills, seem addled about their assets, […]

Victims of Elder Investment Fraud – A Growing Problem


Investment scams targeting senior citizens continue to proliferate in Georgia and across the country. In fact, the Atlanta Journal Constitution recently published an article dealing with financial fraud perpetrated against seniors.  The article (“Financial fraud scams target Georgia seniors”) focused on an 81 year-old lady who was the victim of a ponzi scheme.  A ponzi […]

Some Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse


Financial exploitation of the elderly is a serious and growing problem that has affected, and sometimes devastated, many lives. We hear most often about exploitation by scam artists who are, at least initially, strangers to the victim. What may come as a shock is the fact that exploitation by trusted family members and others close […]

Affinity Frauds Continue to Victimize Investors


Affinity fraud cases continue increase. Investors should be particularly careful when dealing with financial advisers with whom they share a common characteristic or interest. While that may sound counterintuitive, affinity fraud, which is based on such commonalities, has devastated many trusting investors. The affinity often involves something that has been an object of discrimination ? […]

The Northern District of Georgia Sends a Strong Message to Ponzi Scheme Operators


Andrew Mackey, a recently convicted ponzi scheme operator who defrauded 160 metro-Atlantans through his company, ASM Financial Funding Corp., was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison by U.S. District Court Judge William Duffey. His common law wife, Inger Jensen, had already been sentenced to 14 years for her role in the fraud (“Man gets […]

Elder Abuse Has Many Faces


The American Association for Justice recently published an interesting article regarding elder abuse that may be of benefit to many persons with aging parents or other loved ones that may be victims of elder abuse. (See “The Faces of Elder Abuse”, October 2012 issue of Trial magazine).

SEC Charges Former Atlanta Attorney with Investment Fraud


The Securities and Exchange Commission charged James S. Quay, age 50, a disbarred Atlanta attorney and unlicensed financial advisor, with defrauding two elderly women he convinced to invest with him directly. Mr. Quay is a convicted felon and had a history of steering retirees into fraudulent investment schemes, which he concealed from his victims, according […]

Page Perry Pursuing Church Bond Loss Claims


Page Perry announces that it is investigating instances where church bonds were improperly sold to members of the investing public. Recently the firm has been approached by investors whom sustained devastating losses as a result of investing in church bonds and has found an array of misconduct by the sellers ranging from outright fraud to […]

Church Bonds Have Claimed Many Victims


In recent years, church bonds have been hazardous for investors. Many of these investor losses can be attributed to the fact that church bonds were routinely sold by promoters and investment advisers as safe investments. These representations were simply untrue.