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Are Members of Congress Abusing Their Positions to Profit Personally?


Representative Spencer Bachus (Republican, Alabama), the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee (which oversees the financial services industry), is under investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics, for allegedly trading on non-public information he gleaned as a result of his elective office and leadership role in Congress. (“Rep. Bachus Faces Insider Trading Probe: Report,” […]

Insider Trading Charges Reveal Hedge Fund Industry’s “Culture of Greed”


Federal prosecutors have been putting a full court press on insider trading by hedge funds over the past four years. They recently announced the filing of criminal charges against seven more individuals, including hedge fund executives and portfolio managers, as well as guilty pleas by three cooperating defendants of Level Global Investors LP and mutual […]

Insider Trading Probes Expand


Wiretaps of hundreds of conversations have led federal authorities to pursue charges against individuals at two well-known hedge funds and an established mutual fund that caters to ordinary retail investors. The targets are former traders at hedge funds Diamondback Capital management LLC and Level Global Investors LP, and an analyst at mutual fund company Neuberger […]

Investment Corruption Reportedly Reaches the Highest Levels of Government


A recent Bloomberg Markets Magazine article raises troubling questions about investment corruption at the highest levels of government. In July 2008, as market fears mounted, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson reportedly met with a group of hedge fund managers (five of whom were former officers of Goldman Sachs, where Paulson was CEO), and described a scenario […]

SEC Approves Whistleblower Rewards Program


The Securities and Exchange Commission has voted to allow whistleblower employees to go straight to the SEC with information about securities law violations without reporting it to their employer, and still collect the full amount of the monetary reward authorized by the Dodd Frank financial reform act, according to a May 25, 2011 article in […]

Hedge Fund King Guilty of Insider Trading


In the largest illegal stock-tipping case in a generation, and the first pure insider trading case in which the prosecution introduced wiretapped telephone conversations, Galleon hedge fund co-founder Raj Rajaratnam was found guilty on 5 counts of conspiracy and 9 counts of securities fraud. See “Rajaratnam guilty on all counts in insider trading case,” (InvestmentNews, […]