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Now Even Wall Street Firms Are Becoming Whistleblowers


What’s the difference between a Wall Street bank and a whistleblower? Nothing! While Wall Street railed against whistleblower protections for employees in Dodd-Frank, turns out they are falling all over themselves to blow the whistle on each other. Why? Because the first to tattle gets protections that are not offered to the second to tattle. […]

HSBC Fined for Elder Abuse


The U.K. Financial Services Authority fined HSBC Holdings PLC £10.5 million (its largest fine ever) for selling unsuitable products to elderly customers. HSBC was further ordered to pay another £29.3 million to compensate customers, who were advised to buy bonds whose maturity dates were longer than the customers’ life expectancies. (“HSBC Fined for Selling Unsuitable […]