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Wall Street Banks Use Threats and Intimidation to Generate Positive Recommendations


Banking analyst Mike Mayo is an outlier because Wall Street’s intimidation apparently does not work on him. Mayo has written a book describing, among other things, what it was like for him to break the taboo against issuing a “Sell” recommendation on Wall Street. The title of his book, “Exile on Wall Street,” is a […]

Occupy Wall Street As A Global Phenomenon


Occupy Wall Street has swept the globe and is generating enormous sympathy and interest in Asia as well as Europe. The spread of Occupy Wall Street to Asia ? especially Japan ? is further evidence that it is a mistake to dismiss a global groundswell of anger over the flow of money from banks to […]

Wall Street: Under Siege and Contracting


The securities industry in New York City has lost 22,000 jobs since January 2008, and will lose another 10,000 by the end of next year, according to a report by New York City’s Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. If his predictions are correct, Wall Street will have lost 17% of its jobs. Wall Street has shed […]

Job Cuts at UBS – A Microcosm of What’s Happening on Wall Street


Jobs at Wall Street banks are being eliminated at an increasingly rapid pace and this bodes ill for many employed in the financial services sector. Bloomberg’s recent article “UBS Bankers Face Dwindling Options for Jobs” underscores this situation. Those pushed out at UBS will doubtless find few opportunities on Wall Street. The bigger story, however, […]

SEC Expands Investigations into Toxic CDO Deals as the Awful Truth Begins to Come Out


The SEC is expanding its investigation into Wall Street’s sales practices involving toxic collateralized debt obligations that were linked to subprime mortgages as more and more evidence comes out that the Wall Street banks deliberately defrauded some of their customers.

Securities Industry Employment Disputes on the Increase as Wall Street Cuts Jobs


The jobs crisis is starting to hit Wall Street banks and brokerage firms, according to a series of Wall Street Journal articles (“Wall Street Wielding the Ax,” by Aaron Lucchetti and Liz Rappaport; “Credit Suisse Set to Ax 600 Jobs,” by Katharina Bart; and “Here’s Why Wall Street Is Cutting Jobs”). A regulatory crackdown on […]

The Subprime Mortgage Mess: How the American Dream Turned into a Nightmare


Best-selling “Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led To Economic Armegeddon,” by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner, “calls out greedy guys behind mortgage mess,” according to a USA Today book review by Kathryn Caravan. See also “Home Truths,” by James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal. Both reviews provide examples of how the […]

What are Structured Products and Why are They so Dangerous?


Investors in today’s markets, particularly seniors, are caught between extremely low interest rates and the risk of pursuing higher returns they want or need. Brokerage firms are capitalizing on that dilemma by selling structured products as a way to earn above-market returns purportedly without market risk. But as Robert Powel, editor of MarketWatch’s Retirement Weekly, […]

Institutional Investors Are Filing Big Claims Against Financial Services Firms


Defense-minded institutions that have long remained on the sidelines when defrauded have finally woken up and are jumping on the plaintiff-recovery bandwagon as they seek to protect themselves against a variety of wrongdoing, according to Vanessa O’Connell’s Wall Street Journal article entitled “Company Lawyers Sniff Out Revenue.” These actions include waves of claims against Wall […]

Huge Auction Rate Securities Award Against Credit Suisse Upheld


A federal appellate court has denied Credit Suisse’s attempt to overturn a $431 million arbitration award in favor of STMicroelectronics NV in a case involving auction rate securities, according to Ian Thoms’ Law360 article entitled “2nd Circ. Downs Credit Suisse Appeal Of $431M Award.”