UBS to Shed 10,000 More Employees


UBS has announced a major a cost-cutting overhaul that will eliminate 10,000 jobs. The positions will be eliminated mostly from its investment banking division. UBS cited increased regulatory capital requirements and persistent problems in the global economy as reasons for the cuts. The move also follows scandals involving the investment banking division, including a $2.3 billion trading loss that UBS attributed to a former trader and LIBOR manipulation charges.

The reductions will reportedly eliminate most of UBS’s fixed-income businesses, which the bank said had become unprofitable. A smaller investment banking division is expected to concentrate on advisory services, research, equities, foreign exchange and precious metals (“UBS to Cut 10,000 Jobs in Major Overhaul,” New York Times DealBook).

UBS has apparently already informed some employees that their positions are being eliminated. The moves will result in job reductions of approximately 16 percent over the next two years. That reduction is on top of the 3,500 jobs cut last year.

The bank’s London offices will reportedly bear 45 percent of the job losses (4,500 jobs). Next in line are 2,500 jobs from the bank’s Swiss operations. The remaining cuts will be made in UBS’s division in the United States.

Analysts expect other big banks will soon implement similar reductions.
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