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Most Financial Advisers Don’t Understand Alternative Investments According To John Hancock Survey


Given the array of exotic alternative investments being sold to the public, it’s logical that many investors often don’t understand what they are buying. What is even scarier is that it is likely their professional investment adviser doesn’t understand the alternative investment either. Investment advisers ? 75 percent of them ? admit they do not […]

MAT/ASTA Cases Reveal the Seamy Side of Wall Street


Ordinarily, the evidence presented in a FINRA arbitration is kept “confidential” and secret from the public. That’s the way the securities industry likes it, because it really does not want the public to see the evidence against it. But in its zeal to try to overturn the largest amount ever awarded to individual investors in […]

Are Most Hedge Fund Investors Chasing ‘Fools Gold?’


One former Wall Street hedge fund executive has just published a book in which he claims that investors would have done twice as well as hedge fund investors by investing in U.S. Treasuries over the past decade. Twice as well. Simon Lack, whose book is titled “Hedge Fund Mirage,” is a former hedge fund executive […]

Index Funds Can Carry Considerable Risk


Is owning index funds a good idea? It depends on the index, according to personal finance expert John Waggoner (“Funds following odd index? Just say no”). Broad based index funds are a good idea, but new exotic niche funds are not.

High Correlations Among Asset Classes Means There’s No Place To Hide


When world markets move significantly in apparent response to major macroeconomic news, even supposedly “uncorrelated assets” move in unison with them, according to Jason Zweig’s Wall Street Journal article, “Caging Raging Contagion.” Such a significant move occurred last week when the Italian government and bonds collapsed over its fiscal problems, and everything else fell, too.

Hedge Fund Heroes Getting Battered


Unfortunately, many investors are experiencing first hand the truism that hedge fund managers rarely outperform the market on consistent basis. John Paulson, the hedge fund manager who made a killing when Goldman Sachs let him select bad CDO assets, which he turned around and bet against, is having a tough time in 2011. His hedge […]

Alternative Investments – High Risk ‘Pigs in a Poke’


Many investors in alternative investments are in for unpleasant surprises. Alternative investments are very popular these days, as traditional stock and bond investments are not doing well. Alternative Investments include a wide variety of investments that fall outside the traditional stock and bond categories. Examples include structured products (such as principal protected notes and reverse […]

The Performance of Alternative Funds Leaves Much to be Desired


While alternative funds have grown in popularity, they have not lived up to their hype. Mutual funds composed of alternative investments have proliferated in recent years and brokerage firms have sold billions of dollars of them as a way to combat low returns and high volatility that have soured investors away from traditional stock and […]