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Morgan Stanley Bitten by ‘Built to Fail’ Structured Products


Morgan Stanley’s motion to dismiss a class action involving “built to fail” structured products has been denied as to the fraud claims against it, and the case will go forward. The plaintiffs ? a group of Singapore retail investors ? allege that Morgan Stanley committed fraud in selling them sold them $154.7 million of Pinnacle […]

Wall Street Firms Refuse to Disclose Exposure to European Debt


JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have sold credit default swaps that put them on the hook for $5 trillion of debt ? but they won’t say whose debt they are on the hook for. That leaves investors worried that it may be debt issued by Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and/or Spain. Greece and Italy […]

Wall Street’s Job Cuts Continue


Citigroup plans to cut 3,000 or more jobs, about 1 percent of employees, and BNP Paribas plans to cut about 1,400 jobs, or 7 percent of its employees, according to the New York Times (“Citi to Shed 1% of Its Workers; BNP Paribas Plans to Cut 7%”). The NY Times was told unofficially that one […]

Wall Street Banks Use Threats and Intimidation to Generate Positive Recommendations


Banking analyst Mike Mayo is an outlier because Wall Street’s intimidation apparently does not work on him. Mayo has written a book describing, among other things, what it was like for him to break the taboo against issuing a “Sell” recommendation on Wall Street. The title of his book, “Exile on Wall Street,” is a […]

Why Wall Street has a Culture of Corruption


America’s big brokerage firms just don’t get it. Rather than focusing on their clients’ best interests, which would enhance the firms’ long-term interests, they are focused on getting rid of so-called “less productive” financial advisers to save money, and flogging the rest to sell more high-fee products to generate more revenues for the firm. Morgan […]

Is Morgan Stanley Telling the Truth about its Condition?


Liquidity concerns are swirling around Morgan Stanley. Worries of defaults by European banks or governments are eroding the value of its assets and derivatives contracts. Hedge funds are so concerned that they have begun to withdraw cash from their prime brokerage accounts at Morgan Stanley. In the face of these developments, Morgan Stanley is telling […]

Storm Clouds Over Morgan Stanley


Morgan Stanley’s credit default swaps and bond yields are climbing, signaling that investors are concerned about the firm’s creditworthiness. The price of a credit default swap on Morgan Stanley represents the price demanded to insure its debt against default. The higher the price, the greater the risk the bank will default, in the eyes of […]

Wall Street’s Lack of Credibility Drains Investor Confidence


The crisis in confidence dragging down the economy and financial markets is multi-factorial, but surely a significant part of the problem is that you just can’t trust Wall Street financial institutions to tell the truth about their own financial health, according to John Carney’s article entitled “Wall Street’s Credibility Problem.” He cites Morgan Stanley’s […]

Reverse Convertible Securities More Likely to Become Toxic as Market Swoons


The current free fall in the stock market is likely to activated the ticking time bombs that are hidden away in some investors’ portfolios. These time bombs are embedded in a type of structured product called Reverse Convertible Notes or Reverse Exchangeable Notes. The problem has to do with the way these products are structured.

SEC Report Reveals Serious Abuses in the Sale of Structured Securities


On July 27, 2011, the Staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations published a report entitled “Staff Summary Report on Issues Identified in Examinations of Certain Structured Securities Products Sold to Retail Investors.” This report was based on the Staff’s review of eleven broker dealers that sell various structured […]