American Equity And Minnesota AG Settle Annuity Lawsuit


On February 7, 2008, the American Equity Investment Life Holding Company reached a settlement of a lawsuit over variable annuities with the Minnesota Attorney General. Hennepin County District Court Judge Kevin S. Burke approved the settlement that resolved all the issues raised in the lawsuit.

The settlement’s two primary components are (i) a defined suitability process for Minnesota consumers and (ii) a claims process for the past sales of certain variable annuity products where the senior consumers were either misinformed or received an unsuitable product.

Unfortunately, cases such as this one ? whether brought by a state attorney general or by a private attorney ? are too often necessary. This settlement deals with two of the most common abuses in the sale of variable annuities. Brokers often use deceptive sales practices in the sale of these products and often fail to explain the complicated features of these investments, such as the expenses and the high surrender charges for the first several years. Additionally, variable products themselves are often unsuitable for senior investors, especially those who may need access to their nest egg.

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