Lehman Sues Brokers to Recoup Bonuses – Confirms that Consummate Corporate Arrogance Knows No Bounds


Lehman Brothers is filing arbitration claims to recover recruitment and retention bonuses paid to brokers based on the premise that they are loans that have to be repaid if the broker’s employment was terminated for any reason. So far, Lehman has been successful as arbitration panels have awarded Lehman clawbacks of $2.2 million against one former broker and $800,000 against another, according to Joseph Checkler’s and Suzanne Barlyn’s Wall Street Journal article entitled “Lehman Pursues Former Brokers’ Bonuses.”

Lehman is reportedly pursuing approximately 50 cases. Some of them involve brokers who were hired shortly before Lehman filed for bankruptcy on September 15, 2008, according to the article. After Lehman’s U.S. brokerage was bought by Barclays PLC in September 2008, many Lehman brokers lost their jobs.

Atlanta attorney J. Boyd Page observed that “Many of these brokers would appear to have valid defenses to Lehman Brothers’ claims and/or counterclaims against Lehman Brothers for things such as fraud in inducing the brokers to change jobs, fraudulent conduct that has ruined the brokers’ careers and breach of the duties of good faith and fair dealing. It is pretty ironic that Lehman Brothers, whose conduct contributed significantly to the financial meltdown and destruction of its own enterprise is now seeking to benefit from its own misconduct.”

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