Investors in Eight NonTraded REITs Have Lost Over $11 Billion


InvestmentNews, a publication geared to financial advisers, recently published a list showing how eight of the largest nontraded real estate investment trusts (REITs), which have raised over $30 billion from investors, have lost over $11 billion in value (“Decline in equity value of major nontraded REITs”).

The list includes the following nontraded REITs:


Retail Properties of America $3,073,940,000

Inland American Real Estate Trust $2,586,401,000

Behringer Harvard REIT I $1,525,402,000

Wells Real Estate Investment Trust II $1,376,522,000

KBS Real Estate Investment Trust $859,100,000

CNL Life Properties $714,625,000

Dividend Capital Total Realty Trust $595,866,000

Hines Estate Investment Trust $525,763,000.

Investor attorney J. Boyd Page, senior partner of Atlanta-based Page Perry, said: “We are investigating a number of nontraded REITs that have not performed as represented, including the eight mentioned here. Investors who have lost money in these and other nontraded REITs may have compelling claims to recover their losses.”

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